Partition the long sentences. Long sentences most often contain many several ideas and even though they are grammatically correct, might lead to a reader losing focus since the sentences provide no break hereby causing the reader to lack interest in your copy or text. You should therefore seek assignment help and at least cut the very long sentences into two so as to provide the reader with a break in between the text.

Axe the adverbs. Adverbs tend to weaken one’s copy since the addition words are not really descriptive. The most commonly used adverb is the “-ly”. An example, instead of using words such as “walking slowly”, you can use “creep or tiptoeing” as this give a better description to the act itself compared to the adverb.

assignmentStick to a particular voice. Using both he first and second person in the same copy may end to bring confusion to the reader such as you may begin a talk about yourself then halfway start referring to the reader with these, stick to the “I” or “you” voice throughout the entire copy so as to avoid bringing confusion. In cases where you necessarily need to switch voices, try and put them sequentially i.e. talk of one voice first then address the other later but do not mix up the voices in between the texts in the copy.

Do away with extra punctuation. A copy mixed up with all sorts of punctuations most of which are unnecessary does not usually flow well. You can always eliminate such unnecessary punctuations such as commas by ending a text and starting a new one. This strengthens a copy.

Replace the negatives with the positives. In a copy that has focused much on explaining about the negatives of a certain thing, change it and focus more on the positives i.e. instead of focusing on what a certain thing is not, focus on what it is as this makes the text more straightforward. These negative statements are such as don’t, can’t etc. and can be replaced by removing the “not”.

Replace too complex words with simple ones. Your aim is to make the reader understand and not to confuse them. Thus do not write too complex words such that a reader will have to look up for the words in the dictionary in a bid to present yourself as smart. This may be boring to the reader as they will find it hard to connect to your copy.

Avoid the passive voice. Passive voice limits the chances of you making your texts clear and giving explanations to information in your copy and should thus be avoided.