Essay Help Guidelines to Writing Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs of an essay basically carry the main ideas of the essay. This is to say that they comprise the body of your essay and as such, their function is to fully develop the ideas outlined in the introduction paragraph. One of the most important points to note is that each body paragraph carries a single idea. This means that you should discuss the different ideas in your essay in different body paragraphs in such a way that each idea is discussed in a single paragraph. There is a basic conventional style of writing this part of an essay as discussed by the essay help guidelines below.

A good body paragraph should start with a topic sentence. This is the sentence that informs the reader what your body paragraph is all about. This sentence also provides a smooth transition from the previous body paragraph. This sentence should highlight what to expect in the body paragraph.

essay helpThe topic sentence is followed by the sentence expounding more on the idea introduced by the topic sentence. This is the sentence that takes the reader a step further in trying to understand what your argument is all about. It is after you have written this sentence that you can now comfortably introduce an example or evidence to support your idea.

The example or evidence ought not to be left as it is, this calls for another sentence to analyze the introduced evidence or example as the case might be. It is good to note that the evidence of example introduced should support the main idea of the body paragraph. It is after analyzing the evidence or a given example that supports your argument that you can go ahead and summarize the paragraph. This implies that a conventional body paragraph should have a summarizing sentence. This is the sentence that actually wraps up the body paragraph. It should also be able to assist in the smooth transition from that body paragraph to the next one.

In addition, you should make sure that all your body paragraphs are organized in a logical order and that they are coherent. This implies that there should be a smooth flow in your essay and this can only be achieved if your body paragraphs are organized in a logical way. It is also worth to remember that a reader should be able to tell what your body paragraph is all about by reading its first and last sentences.